Reviews and Comments


Reviews and comments received from some of our customers!

Senior Chief. Once again. Two more perfect trees. One for my daughter in Texas and one for me in Vernon Hills. After a month they are still fresh. I hate putting mine put to the curb tonite.

Seedlings arrive here Wed in plenty of time….
I want to thank you for your efforts to get them here quickly.
They are so cute! Everyone loved them…I could have ordered
more as we ran out.

I finally just took down our Christmas trees and wanted to thank you again for the beautiful trees you send to us– we just LOVE them.I know that you go the “extra acre” to find the Charlie Brown trees for us, and it is most appreciated. We are so happy that we have found your farm!

Subject: Thank you!

Message: The seedling favors for our daughter’s wedding in Colorado were the perfect way to go.  Everybody loved them and some asked for extras.

We really appreciate your customer service and planning as our order was delivered exactly on time as scheduled. The little burlap bags were perfect for the occasion.


Our tree arrived yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful!   It so fresh and perfectly formed..Love it!

Our tree and wreaths arrived today. They are all beautiful!! The tree is enjoying some water and will be brought in and decorated on Friday. Thank you so much for choosing such a great tree for us. Our wreath is already on the front door and the other two will go to friends tomorrow. Each is gorgeous.

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the beautiful blue spruce saplings you supplied me for my favors for my wedding this coming weekend. I am so happy with the quality of them. Thank you too for promptly responding to my questions that I had. I am very pleased!

I just wanted to let you know that or trees have arrived, and they look great! Thank you so much for getting these to us on time.  So far everything is falling in place nicely for our wedding day on Saturday.  Now we are praying for nice weather! 🙂

Thanks again,

Subject: trees

Message: I just wanted to let you know that the blue spruce seedlings we ordered from your company for our daughter’s wedding were awesome. They arrived on time and were very healthy looking. They tied in very well as her favor for guests to take home and “let

Blue Spruce Wedding Favor

Blue spruce wrapped in pink tissue with green raffia ribbon

love grow.” Her unity ceremony included a larger blue spruce they took home to plant and enjoy. We heard many favorable  comments on what a neat idea it was. Thank you again for being so easy to work with. I will definitely recommend you if anyone is looking for trees.

I just wanted you to know that the tree you sent me was amazing!  It was still really really fresh when I reluctantly took it down on New Year’s Day as I always do.  There was virtually no needle drop and I will definitely contact you next year.
Many thanks,

Happy New Year to you & Steph. My Christmas tree arrived on time. As usual it was excellent. I am so happy that I can depend on you to send a great tree.

Thank you for the beautiful Christmas tree. It’s absolutely gorgeous – full and beautifully shaped. Last year’s tree was a bit disappointing, but this year’s is wonderful. We love it! Thank you, and have a great 2013 –

This year’s tree was so magnificent that I had to make sure I told you how pleased we were.  Of course, we have been pleased every year since we started getting our Christmas trees from you.  Your fabulous personal customer service can’t be beat and you deliver a quality product at a great price.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I get when I get your e-mail in the fall telling me it is time to order my tree. We count the days until the tree comes, and it is always exciting taking it out of the box to get a good look at our newest tree.  To put it simply, it has become a family ritual for us.  With that said, this year’s tree far surpassed any expectations we could have had.  That tree was spectacular!  It was perfectly shaped, full, and so fresh that my whole house smelled like a forest.  As a matter of fact, this year’s tree was so fresh, we left it up for five full weeks and just took it down two days ago and it was still fresh!  I could have left it up for another week or two!  Your family farm is such a gem – I will continue to tell anyone who will listen to me where they need to get their next Christmas tree! All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! Christmas is so special to me and my family – and thanks to you, it was even more special!  Have a great year and I look forward to hearing from you in September!

Christmas Tree

Picture of Christmas tree sent by a satisfied customer

Hi Richard just wanted to drop line to thank you once again for a great Christmas Tree.


It was great and lasted over five weeks and was still great when we took it down.


Can’t wait to order for next Christmas.


Have a great year.

The tree was perfectly wonderful and made coming home from the hospital that much more fun!  I hope you and Steph had a blessed Christmas and am hoping you will have a healthy and prosperous 2012.  Thank you again for getting the tree to me when you said you would.

I wanted to take a minute to tell you how happy I was with the recent order of Wreaths and a tree.  They all arrived in excellent shape and the freshness for a tree being shipped to New Mexico was amazing.  The tree went up on the 7th of December and has continued to remain fresh and beautiful.  I will definitely be ordering from you folks next season.  I don’t know about your weather, but we are getting ready for our third shutting down highways and airports snow storm in the last three weeks.  This is unusual for a Southwestern state.  I could understand it happening in Vermont.

I have to thank you once again for a great Christmas tree. It was perfect and lasted over five weeks. I will order next year. Have a great year

Thanks so much for the wonderful service, the trees arrived right on time, and the wreath was lovely and beautifully decorated! The “Charlie Brown” tree was perfect, it is still up, fresh and beautiful.

However, I did want to let you know that the other balsam (regularkind) that we received seemed a little dry when we got it, and although it did take up water for awhile, got so dry that many of the branches became completely bare and we had to take it down before New Years! I thought you would want to know, not sure if trees are cut well ahead, or as they are ordered, but we had hoped to have it up a little longer!

Thank you so much for completing our order. We received the seedling yesterday. They looked great! We were very pleased with everything!

I got my trees, so excited!!!  Thank you!


Next year I am going to contact you earlier so I can give a sapling to my cub scout troop members!  Our meeting is the third Monday of April, when should I place my order?


Thank you, Thank YOU!

Message: I just wanted to write to say thank you!  Our trees were delivered today, and they are perfect!


I will definitely tell people about my wonderful experience!


I just wanted you to know that the trees made it in fantastic shape through all that heat the other day. The guests at our party yesterday loved them and hopefully all will be planted with the same loving care that you put into growing and shipping them and that each one will grow a magnificent adulthood. Thanks again for the trees and helping to celebrate our son and daughter in law’s wedding reception.


my name is jerry dutra for the last 4 weeks i have purchased at least 150 balsam fir seedlings an 1 2 foot balsam fir for my niece who has cancer mr rich rockwood an his family did a great job sending  the tree,s to us they packaged them perfectly an every single one of the tree,s were very heathy looking an in great shape i would highly recommend purchasing tree,s of any kind from redrock farm an mr rich rockwood an his family my name is amanda i am 12 years old an have cancer mr rockwood an his family gave me  a lovely balsam fir for my birthday they made me very happy god bless them  sincerly jerry dutra`taunton mass an amanda hollenkamp raynham mass


  13 Responses to “Reviews and Comments”

  1. I have purchased a Balsam Fir tree each year for the past three years and they have been so fresh and fragrant. Last year the Fedex delivery person said the tree was so fragrant that he didn’t want to take it off the truck.

    The tree usually goes outside on New Year’s Day and the 5 y/o in the family then decorates it for the birds. She slathers crunchy peanut butter and bird seed on pine cones and then ties them to the tree with red ribbon. The tree usually stays green until Easter and then it’s time to dispose of it.

    There is nothing like a beautiful Balsam Fir to make the holidays brighter and to cheer-up the birds during the winter months.

    Thank you.

  2. This will be the 16th year we have ordered a tree from Red Rock Farms…I think we were their first customer in Florida. We’ve told many friends about our expereince and they too have become loyal customers.

    Rich and Steph are great to work with, and always provide the utmost of professionalism when dealing with us.

    The trees are spectacular!! We normally have ours delivered the Friday after Thanksgiving. The fullness, color and fragarance are unbelievable. The trees are so fresh, they have even sprouted new growth while standing in our living room.

    In addition to the geat trees, we also buy 3 wreathes every year…1 for us and 1 for each of our 2 daughters, who look forward to the gift each year. Steph does a great job decorating the wreathes, which too are very aromatic.

    Finally the work they do for the troops is very commendable as well. We usually donate some extra money so they can provide trees to local families of those serving in our military.

    It’s great daling with a small company and seeing they doing so well. I look forward to their newsletters late every summer in anticipation of the holiday season.

    Red Rock Farms has been such an integral part of our holiday tradition. Great people, great products…I couldn’t ask for more.

    Mike & Nancy Chenderlin
    OLdsmar, Florida

  3. I believe I’ve been ordering my Christmas tree from Redrock Farms for at least 5 years. Every year I am thrilled with the quality and personal attention to details. I order a taller tree, and try to get it delivered around December 1st. I hate the extra delivery expense, but the tree is always perfect. We get tons and tons of compliments! Thanks Rich and Steph for your dedication and effort.

    Ann – Chicago, Illinois

  4. We began buying Maine Balsam firs from L.L. Bean in the mid-eighties. One reason was that Balsam firs became hard to find in New Orleans (where we lived then). On top of that, the very last time we tree-shopped in New Orleans, it was a steamy-hot early December day after a rain shower. There is something very, very un-Christmas about selecting a tree when you’re muddy and soaked with perspiration.

    As the years went on, Bean’s trees became more expensive and less nice. As the Internet flourished in the late 90s we found other sources but they were all hit-and-miss. Every year or two we’d find another tree farm.

    This year will be at least our third, probably our fourth, time buying from Redrock Farm. Not since the early days of buying from L.L. Bean have we been so consistently pleased with our tree.

    We feel like you and your family and your staff understand that we’re expecting you to not only sell us a tree, but to select a nice one for us. When we buy a Christmas tree sight-unseen we have to trust the people we buy it from, and we trust the Rockwoods.

    The good fresh-cut Balsam firs we receive from you not only look great, but they stay fresh the entire Christmas season (we are conscientious about watering). Our visitors always marvel at out how fresh and moist our tree is late into the season while theirs are fire hazards.

    Keep up the GREAT work, Rockwood Family!!

    Best regards,
    Chuck and Terrie Poehl

  5. This is my 4th year ordering a Fraser Fir tree from Redrock as well as Christmas Wreaths. Rich and Steph do an amazing job and work really hard all year long to grow and nurture perfect Christmas Trees. Living in New York City has it’s advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that the cost of a Christmas Tree in NYC around the holidays can cost a small fortune. For the same tree I buy from Redrock, it would cost me 4 times more in NYC and they would not be as fresh. The tree’s that arrive here in NYC have been cut since early October!
    Each year Rich picks out a perfect tree for me. I am one of the fussiest customers and anyone in my family will tell you that when it comes to picking out a tree it can take me several hours. This year we will put up 4 trees. 3 in our country home and 1 in our NYC apartment. I can always rest assured that Rich will select and nurture the perfect tree for me. This coming from someone who is a bit obsessed with Tree’s is a compliment. He seems to know each year exactly what I am looking for and picks the tree that I would pick if I were looking myself. It is so convienient for us, the tree comes shipped to our door, ready to put in the stand. It lasts for 4 or 5 weeks so we put it up the day after Thanksgiving and take it down on New Years Day! Rich and his wife work so hard all year and I want to stop and thank them for all they do for all thier customers to make the holiday season so enjoyable. I will be a repeat customer for life! Thanks to you both!

    Zack (NYC)

  6. my name is jerry dutra i live in taunton mass. i have purchased over 200 hundred seedlings an tree, from rich rockwood an his wife stephanie. all the tree,s an seedlings i have recieved were in excellent shape an well shipped. my niece amanda recently passed away of cancer. rich sent a lovely norway spruce an 2 balsam firs to plant in her memory. i would say anyone doing business with redrock farm will not be disapointed. sincerly mr. jerry dutra.

  7. . my name is janice hollenkamp,my daughter amanda died of cancer. we purchased a lovely norway spruce from redrock
    farm in chelsea vermont to plant at her grave site. it was shipped wonderfully by mr. rich redrock an his family. he gave us a lovely tree that is growing wonderfully.i
    would suggest you do business with this company either in buying a live tree or buying a cut tree or wreath at xmas time they are a great company to do business
    with an great an kind people to. sincerly, janice hollenkamp, raynham,mass.

  8. buy tree,s from redrock farm you will not be disapointed. all tree,s an seedlings we have bought from them have been a cut tree from them this xmas. sincerly, jerry an sean dutra, taunton mass.

  9. buy a cut tree from redrock farm or a potted tree or seedlings from them,you will not be dissapointed. we have been very happy with there tree,s sincerly, jerry an sean dutra taunton, mass. we have bought over 250 seedlings an tree,s from them all were shipped great an in great shape, thank you, rich an steph an family an god bless.

  10. I received my tree from the Trees for Troops organization. I wanted to come to your site to tell you thank you. I haven’t had a real tree since I was 4 years old, and my two boys have never had one. I can’t even begin to describe how happy my family is to have received one of your trees. Our whole house smells wonderful, and our boys are smiling from ear to ear. Thank you so much.

    The Gibson Family

  11. rich an steph are great to by tree,s from they always put so much care in all tree,s or seedlings sent. they are wonderful people an good friends it,s a pleasure doing business with them. sincerly, jerry dutra.

  12. my name is janice hollenkamp my late daughter amanda has a tree growing at rich rockwoods farm redrock farm in chelsea vermont. he does a great job of taking care of her tree.

  13. We have purchased a balsam fir every year since 2011 and have never been disappointed. Guests in our home have always commented on how wonderful the tree smells. Living in Southern California this tree always takes me back to my childhood! Cannot imagine a Christmas without their tree. I am especially appreciative of their research in selecting the best shipping method.