Christmas tree care

Redrock Farm: Christmas Tree Care

 Christmas tree care is very important to make sure that your tree lasts for as long as possible!

We put Christmas tree care instructions on every tree shipped. They are on a tag on the top of the tree as well as a card inside the box.

Put your tree up as soon as possible after it is delivered.  If you can’t, keep it somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight.

Cut about 1/2 inch off the tree’s trunk and put it immediately in a tree stand that holds plenty of water.  The bigger the reservoir in the stand the better.  A Christmas tree may drink as much as a couple gallons of water per day at first.

No additive for the water is required — just plain tap water.

The balsam fir will hold needles for a long time — if you keep it watered.  If the tree stand does run dry, you will need to remove the tree and make a fresh cut on the butt in order for it to take up water again!

If you let the tree run out of water and don’t make a fresh cut,
the butt will stay sealed and needle drop will be hastened.

We send a complimentary tree removal bag with all but tabletop trees.

Use the bag as a tree skirt and then pull it up over your tree for removal
…after you get all your ornaments off.

Christmas tree care

Once your tree is brought in from the field, it must have proper care to last!