Wreaths of beauty

Wreath traditionally decorated with red bow

Wreath with red bow traditionally decorated

Wreaths are one of our specialties.

Stephanie’s balsam fir wreaths are made from fresh cut fragrant balsam boughs.  Her normal wreaths are double sided on a 12 inch ring, making the finished product 20 to 22 inches in diameter and around 6 pounds.

She decorates the wreaths with cones, faux berries, and a myriad of other goodies and finishes them off with hand made bows of many colors, the standard color being a traditional red. In the shopping cart one has the choice of red, burgundy, red/green plaid or blue and silver.

She can make other sizes to order, either plain or decorated.  Just call or email (steph@christmastrees.net)

In fact, Steph loves to make centerpieces, door baskets, swags, garland, you name it.  If you want one made special for you in a special way, she can do it!

As you can seed from the pictures above, Stephanie not only makes wreaths, but many other Christmas decorations as well.  Centerpieces, kissing balls, door baskets, strings of thick balsam garland, traditional sways.  Some are made of only balsam fir, others are made of mixed brush from pine, cedar and spruce.  If you want something special, please call us.

From our on line shopping cart you can order wreaths decorated or undecorated.  Regular size or mini-wreaths.  Just one or our three wreath special.

They make great gifts!

Link to wreath sales: https://www.christmastrees.net/shop/index.php?l=product_list&c=34


  6 Responses to “Wreaths of beauty”

  1. Our friends, the Smaltz’s and the Edsons always purchase their trees from you. Please let me know if you cut them or if we do? When ,ay we come and purchase a tree? We live on Lake Groton, VT.

    Thank you and HappyHolidays, Mari

  2. We are open every day from now til Christmas 9AM to dark. You choose and cut your tree.

  3. Is it possible to buy plain undecorated fragrant balsam fir boughs this early in the season, and if so, how much do they cost?

  4. Hi Anne,
    It is now possible, since we have had three killing frosts. Their are a couple options in our on line shopping cart (small and large boxes of balsam/Fraser branches) or you can call us with specifics of what you’d like..802-685-4343, or email us rich@christmastrees.net
    Thanks for the question!

  5. I have been looking 30 years for a scent that is from my childhood, a scotch pine we used to go go out and pick out and it was Christmas to me. Does the Fraser Fir smell like this? Please let me know if it does or what comes close and I’ll order a wreath from you. Looking forward to hearing from you. God bless, Karen

  6. Hi Karen,
    I’m honestly not sure what scotch pine smells like, but I assume a pine like smell. Balsam fir smells similar but much stronger and it’s a very pleasant smell..the one that most people equate with Christmas.