Own Your Own Christmas Tree!

Redrock Farm: Own Your Own Tree!

Redrock Farm has been offering our “OWN YOUR OWN TREE” program since 2003. You and your family can have us plant a Christmas tree seedling and you can watch it grow through the years until you wish to have it harvested and sent to you for Christmas or just continue to let it grow!Our “OWN YOUR OWN TREE” (or trees, we will not limit you to only one) will be a great educational experience for your family, especially the children. They will be inspired to learn about trees, how they grow and are cared for, and how they benefit our environment and ecology. Plus, you and your family can come to the farm and visit your tree anytime! For $20 per year, we will plant a Christmas tree of your choice in one of our specially designated “OWN YOUR OWN TREE” areas and label it with a sign bearing your name, your city and state, and the month and year it was planted.

We will weed and mow around it, fertilize it, shear it, perform pest control, and care for it as we do our own trees on the farm. However, we cannot guarantee that deer will not eat the buds off your tree in winter or that heavy snow will not damage it’s branches….but that’s part of owning a tree and the educational experience of watching it grow. If your tree dies for any reason (only about 80% of trees live from seedling to harvest) we will replace it at no charge with a tree as close as possible to the age, size and shape of the original. Twice a year, in the spring after bud break and in the late fall, we will send you a color digital picture of your tree by e-mail attachment. There will be a yard-stick or some other measuring device in the picture so you can gauge the growth of your Christmas tree.

If you wish to have you tree sheared (pruned and shaped) a particular way (or not sheared at all) we will do our very best to follow your wishes. Trees will be planted in May and September, but please order in advance so that we can be sure and have enough seedlings! When you wish to have your tree harvested for use as your Christmas tree, you will only have to pay for shipping…or come and cut it yourself! The tree will be yours as long as you pay for it each year (we will bill you before the anniversary month of purchase and planting) This might also be a great gift idea for grand-children or friends! If you have questions please call or e-mail us.


  5 Responses to “Own Your Own Christmas Tree!”

  1. Do you, or do you know of anyone who ship’s tree’s? I live in Colorado. Thank’s, Matthew.

  2. Yes. Try our on line store!

  3. Do you offer a military discount and what are your price ranges. We would be comming there not having it shipped.
    Thank You

    Joanna Stevens

  4. If you are active duty military we would give you a tree, as part of Trees for Troops.
    On most other things we give 10% off.
    Our common trees are $32 for choose and cut, wreaths $25 locally.

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