Southwestern white pine


Southwestern white pine   Pinus strobiformis    Suggested hardiness zones  5 to 8

Southwestern white pine

Southwest white pines in clear bags with ruler for sizing

Southwest white pine is native to Arizona, New Mexico, and southwest Colorado but is increasingly grown throughout the US as landscape and Christmas tree.  On its native sites, it may grow to 90 feet in height, but will probably grow to 35 to 50 feet in non-native areas. The growth rate is about a foot a year.  It is rather shade intolerant.  Southwestern white pine needles are in groups of 5, soft, dark to bluish green, 2 to 4 inches long, and tips are often finely toothed. Bark is thin, rough, and furrowed.  Branches tend to be long and horizontal, and they are stiffer on young trees than on the eastern white pine.  The cones are 3 to 9 inches long with reflexed, thick scale.  Young trees tend to be rather dense and symmetrical and pyramidal in shape.  Its mature form tends to be open and irregular.  They are used for windbreaks, wildlife habitat because its seeds are palatable to small mammals and birds, and increasingly as Christmas trees.

It has low to moderate moisture requirements.

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