Seedling Favor Pictures

Blue Spruce Seedlings packaged different ways
Seedling favors in burlap bags

Blue spruces in burlap bags

Seedling favors in organza bags

Blue spruces in organza bags

Arizona cypresses in burlap bags tied with yellow raffia

SEEDLING FAVOR PICTURES of some of the ways we can package our seedlings for your events.

Douglas firs in burlap abgs shown with available raffia colors

Our seedling favors can be decorated for presentation in many different ways.  They are moistened and placed in 1 mil plastic bags.  After that, it’s up to you.  A raffia ribbon on the plastic bag with a planting card attached.  Placed in a burlap, organza, or velvet bag.  Raffia added?  Do you want to design a card to attach?  Do you want seedlings in clear plastic tubes?  All these things we can do. Our prices are much more reasonable than most places found on the web because my wife and I do all the work.  Or we send what you need for assembly with the seedlings…it’s cheaper to assemble them yourself.

As an example of cost, if you were to order 100 seedlings in plastic bags only, they would cost you $1.09 plus around $20 shipping.

Blue spruces ready to be packed and shipped

Seedlings shown with mailing tube and different bags

We stock six colors of raffia ribbon.  Green, red, royal blue, yellow, burgundy, and oatmeal.

Seedling favors in different bags

Blues spruces in different bags

Seedling in clear tube

Seedling in clear tube

We stock burlap bags, white organza bags, and green velvet bags, as well as plastic tubes and white, red,  green or clear caps, as well as mailing tubes.  We can get many different colors of organza bags or velvet bags, and different colored caps for the plastic tubes, but the minimum order for a special bag or cap would be 100.

Our shopping cart offers a variety of numbers to order.  The more you order, the cheaper the seedling favors get.  If you need more than 500 decorated in a special way, please call us.  802-685-4343


Planting card

Planting card

Example cards with your words

Example cards with your words