Seedling Wedding Favors

Redrock Farm Wedding Favors
Seedling wedding favor-blue spruce

Blue spruce seedling wedding favor

Seedling wedding favors coming from Redrock Farm’s evergreen seedlings are the perfect “green” wedding favor or event favor and can be decorated in so many ways… your imagination is the limit. They are unique, inexpensive, eco-friendly, and allow you to use your creativity.

Seedlings in bags with raffia

Seedling wedding favors in different bags with raffia

Wrapped in tissue, placed in long stem glasses or shot glasses, placed in clear tubes, wrapped in silk or satin or burlap… planted in small pots…At present we offer burlap bags and various colors of raffia ribbon.

Seedling wedding favors- 5 types of seedlings

Seedling wedding favors- 5 types of possible seedlings

Or we send just the plugs, placed in one mil clear plastic bags to retain moisture. We feel that this is the most reasonably-priced option for most weddings or other events.Then the bride or event planner can individualize the presentation of the seedling favor. Once we’ve seen more of the possible options, we will share them and probably offer those too.

The plug seedlings are generally 4 to 5 inches tall and the soil plug is about 5 inches, making the plug and tree approximately 10 inches tall. Some may be slightly taller and shorter, but we try to send uniform sizes for presentation. Check our on-line store for prices, but if you don’t see the quantity you need, or have any other question, please don’t hesitate to call or email.866-685-4343
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